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Kuba Krzewiński - Incorporate

Release Date: XII 2019
Total Time: 52:52
DVD | 16 page booklet | ekopack

1. Ep for a Deaf poet, percussion, double-bass and electronics
2. Contre No. 1 for violin and cello
3. Contre No. 2 for grand piano, gran cassa and electronics
4. Incorporate for violin, electronics and video

Kuba Krzewiński – composer, violin (2)
Adam Stoyanov – Deaf poet
Aleksandra Chciuk – video (4)
Anna Kwiatkowska – violin (4)
Emilia Sitarz – grand piano
Hubert Zemler – gran cassa
Kamila Gazda – video editing (4)
Łukasz Owczynnikow – double-bass
Michał Pepol – cello

Zuzanna Solakiewicz – director and editor
Zvika Gregory Portnoy – cinematographer
Robert Migas-Mazur – sound director

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Two musicians map and stroke their string instruments, testing their sound, bodies and the boundaries of their own private spaces. Two other musicians sit opposite one another and, in a choreography of gestures, play the sounds of an imaginary piano and bass drum. The latter is also played by another performer who uses sign language to sing a song about strangeness, accompanied by a solemn double bass player. Finally, in theclean, white interior bows move across bare skin, and heads are adorned with horse-tail, not human, hair. All this is emphasized by the rising ambient based on instrumental samples. Kuba Krzewiński’s compositions have a strong performative aspect which makes listening to them in just audio difficult to imagine, so publishing a DVD is no whim. They are indeed the new, multimedia chamber music which is situated at the intersection of arts, sound and image, gesture and touch, and takes up themes which go beyond music. At the same time, the author himself—just like earlier Jagoda Szmytka or Wojtek Blecharz—is a fervent supporter of the fight against the incorporeality of contemporary music. The Polish scene is evidently going through a performative turn, as proven by the record in your hands.

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