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Arturas Bumšteinas - Heap of Language

Release Date: V 2010
Total Time: 73:32
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1. Heap of Language (CD version) 10:10
2. Nasdaq 9:18
3. Malcowa 7:29
4. Ikea Organ 8:31
5. Verbatim 16:11
6. Antiradical Opera 22:05

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Creating music out of nothing is simply impossible. It's better, then, to consciously "re-write history" rather than pretend to be some kind of demiurge [...] An interesting example is the cycle "Five Songs" which includes "Nasdaq" and "Malcowa". Each singer sent me his favorite song which ranged from pop to real folk-music. The recordings of these pieces have been then re-composed and transformed in many different ways. I used spectral analysis to come up with harmony material for the instrumental ensemble. I re-organized the original vocal parts using graphic and number notation; I also made use of the so called "audio scores", which are model recordings, imitated later by the performing musicians [...]

(Arturas Bumšteinas)

Open forms are introduced in order to make more space for the creativity of performers. This increases the possibility that the music will become some kind of communication, that the meeting with the musician becomes a meeting with another man, and not only a performer. And pretty much everyone can understand the language of numbers I used for the notation to approximate the pitch and rhythm intervals in my "Antiradical Opera". Anyone can interpret my "sound scores" by simply imitating the prototype recording. This entails the concept of shared responsibility for the overall effect.

Arturas Bumšteinas

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