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V/A Solitude of Sounds – in memoriam Tomasz Sikorski

Release Date: I 2013
Total Time: 50:44
2CD | 24-page booklet | digipack

1. Száblocs Esztényi - Created Music No 3: in memoriam Tomasz Sikorski (1989) 10:40
2. Tomasz Sikorski - Echoes II (1963) 16:26
3. Tomasz Sikorski - Antiphones (1963) 6:49
4. Tomasz Sikorski - Diario 87 (1987) 7:36
5. Kasia Głowicka - Presence (2007) 17:18

1. Száblocs Esztényi - Concerto (1971) 28:24
2. Tomasz Sikorski - Solitude of Sounds (1975) 22:20

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The American flavour of minimalism has an "urban" soundscape that emerges from frenetic human interaction. It is the environment that informs a lifestyle and thus, informs the composer. On the other hand, the Dutch style of minimalism is what I'd call "Hippie minimalism". It is informed by culture of activism, as seen in Louis Andriessen's Workers Union and by the pragmatism within the Dutch ethic. This brings me to what the Polish style of minimalism is mostly known for as well as personal experiences and environment of its creators. It's been called "mystic minimalism" and at its core there is an inherent interest to express emotions in a grandiose way.

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