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Arne Nordheim - Solitaire

Release Date: XII 2013
Total Time: 68:31 | 77:05
2CD | 40-page booklet | digipack


1. Solitaire
2. Warszawa
3. O de To Light
4. Lux et Tenebrae
5. Pace


1. D ei kjenslelause
2. Vi på Alfabulator
3. Colorazione
4. D istance
5. Crossroad
6. Awaiting
7. Stille, Kepler tenker
8. Alfa Alfa
9. D råpen
10. Summa

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The Polish Radio Experimental Studio, founded in 1957, was as an experimental centre and a production unit of the Polish Radio but it has been mainly known as one of the most import_ant creative centres in Europe. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Warsaw centre hosted numerous guests from abroad including almost all of the most distinguished epresentatives of the art of electro-acoustic music: Lejaren Hiller, Franco Evangelisti, François-Bernard Mâche, Vittorio Gelmetti, Roland Kayn, Christian Clozier, Tamas Ungvary, Nigel Osborne, Stephen Montague, Bengt Emil Johnson, KĂĽre Kolberg and Arne Nordheim. Nordheim often visited “the black room” on Malczewskiego street where the main production space of the Experimental Studio was located. The emotional bond with his Polish friends was as import_ant to him as music. There were many private meetings with Józef Patkowski, Witold Lutosławski and Włodzimierz Kotoński. The composer’s relations with engineers were also more than professional. After flying from Oslo to Warsaw, Nordheim went from the Okęcie airport straight to the hospitable home of the Rudnik family and “ritually” consumed his favourite Polish dish: white borsch with sausage. Already at the dinner table, the composer discussed with Rudnik their tactics of planned technological and artistic activities . Then, subsequent Nordheim’s compositions were born during long hours spent together on Malczewskiego...

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