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Ergo Phizmiz plays R.Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon

Release Date: V 2012
Total Time: 18:40
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1. Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon 18:40

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Voices by Ergo Phizmiz and Lula
Piano by Ergo Phizmiz
Guitar by Maciej Cieślak
Violin by Julia Ziętek
Laptop by Alessandro Bosetti
Turntable by DJ Lenar

Recorded by Jan Mularz at Chłodna 25, 10th of September 2011
Edited, mixed and mastered by Michał Libera and The Norman Conquest
Produced by Michał Libera
Premiered at Playback Play 2011
Cover art work by Aleksandra Waliszewska
Layout by Piotr Bukowski

Populista is a CD series curated by Michał Libera
more: http://patakaind.blogspot.com/

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