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Kazimierz Serocki: Pianophonie

Release Date: I 2016
Total Time: 45:23
2 CD | 16 page booklet | digipack

1. Forte e piano    12:55
2. Pianophonie    32:28


[1] Szábolcs Esztényi (piano), Jerzy Witkowski (piano),
Polish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra in Krakow
dir. Stanisław Wisłocki (1973)

[2] Szábolcs Esztényi (piano)
Great Polish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra in Katowice
dir. Stanisław Wisłocki (1979)


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The contemporary status of 'Forte e piano' and 'Pianophonie' is different. Forte e piano is one of Serocki’s lesser known and acclaimed works, while 'Pianophonie' is considered his greatest masterpiece. However, it’s worth remembering that 'Forte a piano' and 'Pianophonie' are interrelated. It’s difficult to imagine the latter without the former.

Iwona Lindstedt

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