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Dominik Karski: GLIMMER Flute o'clock

Release Date: 2016
Total Time: 59:49
CD | 12 page booklet | digipack

1. Glimmer
2. Streamforms
Veiled Voice 
3. I
4. II
5. III
6. IV
7. open cluster M45 
8. Veiled Words
9. 112 Iphigenia
10. Streamforms III

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The works on this disc present a story of my love affair with the flutes. It started in 2002 when I was writing Glimmer, which awoke my fascination with the low flutes, especially the bass flute, then turning into an obsession, as two bass flute solos saw the light of day the following year... The love affair, however, could not have been so fruitful if I hadn’t crossed paths one day with the two musicians from Flute o’clock: Ewa Liebchen and Rafał Jędrzejewski.

Dominik Karski

Our collaboration has been developing and growing since 2010, with the duo commissioning new works and taking up the existing repertoire – all of which is now assembled together on this disc, documenting the exploratory process we have gone through over the years. Their input from the performers’ point of view was greatly valuable and I would like to thank them and Zofia Dowgiałło-Zych (who joins in Streamforms III) for playing such a huge part in this long-term collaborative adventure and for making this disc a reality. It is a milestone that encompasses a vast journey – but the journey still continues..

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