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Octavian Nemescu – Musique pour descendre

Release Date: II 2012
Total Time: 75:34
CD | 10 page folded insert | ecopack

1. EUI 39:30
2. OUIEIUO 36:14

Produced by Bôłt Records & Niklas Records 

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Octavian Nemescu (b. 1940) is the last living exponent of the Romanian "golden series" (George Enescu, Stefan Niculescu, Aurel Stroe, Tiberiu Olah, Myriam Marbe and Anatol Vieru) and one of the leading composers of the second (and last) avant-garde. In contrast to the Darmstadt-oriented composers of the first avant-garde, the second avant-garde set it as its goal to discover the common, prior to everything else, Ur-foundation of just any music tradition. This search led to developing Romanian branches of spectral music and archetypal music.

Every stage of Nemescu's career was marked by his original personality and the ability to address in a highly original way the fundamental issues and problems. He did this in the areas of conceptual, ritual, ambiental music, as well as on the meta-musical plane. However, in the last 20 years it is the symphonic works that have taken up the most important position in his output. In this field Nemescu could be considered one of the most important living composers today. Much of his efforts have focused also on the gradually developed series of musical pieces devoted to certain moments and hours of day and night. Two such pieces - dedicated to the hours 2 PM and 3 PM - can be found on this album. 

Produced by Bôłt Records & Niklas Records (http://www.niklasrecords.com/)

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