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Irinel Anghel, Sorin Romanescu – Guitar Hands on a Singing Body

Release Date: II 2012
Total Time: 64:59
CD | digipack

1. What? 5:53
2. Guitar Hands on a Singing Body 6:19
3. Why not? 5:57
4. Made in ParadoXphere 3:58
5. Everybody has the right to wear a mask 5:17
6. Twaning Glacier 7:24
7. Shape of a Visiting Emotion 6:48
8. Night Blooming Voices 6:01
9. Recycled Night Theme 4:32
10. Meeting on the Moon 5:07
11. Passacaglia d'amore 7:43

Produced by Bôlt Records & Niklas Records 

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The Romanian duo of Irinel Anghel (composer, singer, pianist and improviser) and Sorin Romanescu (composer, guitar player, sound designer) represents the experimental side of Romanian contemporary music, exploring uncharted territories, crossing paths and concepts such as "innerworld music", "sound food", "electronades", "SONeerie", "sound theatre", "darkroom music", "RenaiScienceFiction Electro music". Improvisation, spontaneity and instant chemistry give to their concerts and performances a freshness borne of the pure mystery of creation.

Their appereances are full of surprises as they reinvent themselves with every new project; each concert or recording session is a new stop on their playful and adventurous journey together. There is no label for such a versatile evolution of these two musicians, who take the bold risk of being themselves. In this duo-team, Irinel Anghel and Sorin Romanescu go beyond their individual paths by creating something that is a product of both musicians, arising out of a common interest in discovering new sounds and sound mixtures.

Guitar Hands on a Singing Body is the Anghel/Romanescu signature for the Summer of 2011. It presents itself as an intimate music album, recorded in a half-dark atmosphere, through the somewhat unusual combination of electronically treated voice and acoustic guitar. Sorin Romanescu plays Moffa acoustic guitar and Moffa baritone guitar, sculpting forms around the voice's "flying-singing" presence, the result lending some bizarre sparks of sensitivity to the known-unknown sound trip imagined by these two musician-travellers. 

Produced by Bôlt Records & Niklas Records (http://www.niklasrecords.com/)

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