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Arturas Bumšteinas – Uniforms

Release Date: II 2009
Total Time: 70:19
CD | 16 page booklet | digipack

1. Esperantosound 5:22
2. This Uniform 21:10
3. Glockenspiel 20:17
4. Second Sequentina 14:20
5. Visa 9:10 

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In 'Uniforms' collection Arturas Bumšteinas employs, for one, imprecise (e.g. digital) notation of rythm and melody as well as audio-scores, that are standard recordings, imitated later freely by a performing musician. Instrumental material obtained in this manner, in many differing variants, is then often subjected to derivative treatment including editting and further processing. This is why traditional chamber and orchestral music occupies only a tiny place in a composer's overall output - its position being taken over by hybrid genres integrating the means and techniques of instrumental, electronic, and concrete music. 

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