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Hubert Zemler: Puppation of Dissonance

Release Date: XI 2016
Total Time: 50:08
CD | ecopack

Hubert Zemler - Pupation of Dissonance:

1. Stage One

2. Stage Two

3. Stage Three

4. Stage Four

Steve Reich

5. Music for Pieces of Wood 

Per Nørgård

6: Waves


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The latest Hubert Zemler's release entitled „Pupation of Dissonance” makes a sort of tribute to percussion music history.

The title work by Hubert Zemler relates to a gradual emancipation of percussion sounds throughout the 20th century. From timbre ornaments in symphonic music, through discovering the beauty of sounds previously regarded as „non-musical”, to marriage of electronic devices with acoustic instruments. The album's programme is complimented by Steve Reich's iconic minimal music work „Music for Pieces of Wood” in Hubert Zemler's arrangement for a solo perfomer as well as beautiful and subtle Per Nørgård's „Waves”.

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