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Arturas Bumšteinas - Musikaliszer Pinkos

Release Date: V 2017
Total Time: 57:17
CD | ecopack

1. 111th, 4th (Leibele)
2. 129th, 80th (Gedalia & Berele)
3. 125th (Zavel)
4. 56th, 81st (Gershon)
5. 7th (Hershele)
6. Choir
7. 115th, 64th (Moses)

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Musikaliszer Pinkos is the title of a collection of more than two hundred Hebrew religious chants compiled and published by cantor Abraham Berenstein in 1927 in Vilna, Poland (today Vilnius, Lithuania).

The electronic music on this album was composed by Arturas Bumšteinas using fragments of melodies found in the Berenstein‘ s book. Electronics was recorded in Vilnius on the old Russian analogue synthesizer Polyvox, then mixed in EMS, Stockholm, and released on a cassette by Slip Imprint in 2013. The version for Bôłt Records has been supplemented with archival recordings of cantors (chazzans) taken from bootleg CD-Rs that Arturas Bumšteinas once aqcuired in his local fleemarket in Vilnius.

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