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Octavian Nemescu - Apokatastasis

Release Date: IX 2018
Total Time: 62:18
CD | 16 page booklet | ekopack

1. NonSimfonia V (a Sfarsiturilor)

2. PreSimfonia VI (a Începuturilor)

Wyk. Romanian Radio National Orchestra, dyr. Horia Andreescu

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Everything belongs to one convention or other, but some conventions have become archetypes – and this moment of transition is what Octavian Nemescu finds the most interesting. When nature transforms into archetype – not only in terms of rhetoric, but also melodics, form and perception. Many of the composers ideas have ancient roots, and he tangles these roots with the virtuosity of a post-modernist – a soulful post-modernist, nonetheless. This is not about fun, there is no “poly-”, no “sur-”, this is about syncretism for the greater good. The aim is to create an egregore, a thoughtform that would lead the listeners towards transcendence. This can be achieved through a collective ritual – mentioned in the subheading of the NonSymphony No. 5

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