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Głowicka & The Airport Society: Unknown, I Live With You

Release Date: V 2019
Total Time: 40:30
CD | 16 page booklet | digipack

1. River Promise – Unknown, I Live With You
2. Damn You!
3. A World of Luck – If I Were Not a Woman
4. Sexual Assault – I Can Not Live Without You, Dignity
5. I Feel
6. Mother, Sister, Daughter, Where Are You?
7. I Thought It Was a Dream But When I Woke, I Couldn’t Walk
8. Highways

All music by Głowicka | Texts by Freshta, Fattemah AH, Meena Z., Roya

The Airport Society: Krystian Lada – concept

Małgorzata Walewska (mezzo-soprano), Lucia Lucas (mezzo and baritone), Raehann Bryce-Davis (mezzo-soprano), Gala Moody (voice), Sara Jo Benoot (mezzo-soprano)

Tomasz Aleksander Plusa (first violin), Aleksandra Kwiatkowska (second violin), Clara Sawada (viola), Natania Hoffman (cello), Katarzyna Głowicka (electronics)

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The texts adapted for the libretto of "Unknown, I live with you" were created by Afghani female poets in the period of strongest political supremacy of Taliban’s regime. The authors, known as Roya, Meena Z., Fattemah AH, and Freshta, conceived their poems during clandestine creative writing workshops under the online Afghan Women’s Writing Project, supported by activists from local organizations. The texts combine great simplicity with powerful expression. Confronting a typically Western “high-art” music form with the power of resistance to the fundamentalist, religious retrotopia – which literally realizes the fundamental patriarchal idea of the inferiority and serfdom of women – says a lot about the present. It emphasizes the continuum of precarious female condition characteristic for social orders founded upon patriarchal ideas of religion.

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