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Szábolcs Esztényi - FOR ANDRZEJ BIEŻAN

Release Date: I 2020
Total Time: 36:19
CD | ekopack

1. Creative Music in memoriam Andrzej Bieżan (Esztényi/Sokołowski)
2. Cathedral (Bieżan)
3. Variations (Bieżan)
4. Untitled (Bieżan)

Szábolcs Esztényi - piano

Kuba Sokołowski - piano, electronics (1)

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The music of Andrzej Bieżan is usually associated with improvisation, with his versatile work in intuitive music and his compositions for magnetic tape created at the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio. However, in the Bieżan archive, carefully maintained by his sister, Ewa Bieżan, one can find many sketches as well as finished instrumental and vocal compositions which utilize both traditional and graphic notation. Part of this material is music for theatre performances. Some of the scores are autonomous pieces. Among them, there is a string quartet, a violin concerto, a composition for an orchestra and many sketches as well as a couple of finished piano and chamber forms. Bieżan liked to improvise during his performances and only rarely, if at all, played noted piano compositions live. Today, thanks to the selection made by professor Szábolcs Esztényi, we can listen to the interesting propositions of this composer who died before his time.

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