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Patryk Zakrocki: Post-pandemic Music

Release Date: VI 2020
Total Time: 64:28
CD | ekopack

1. Sorrow Music 04:55

2. Ocean Tide 14:17

3. Hint of a Human 06:42

4. A Bit Less than That 19:33

5. Le Corbusier’s Shower 19:01


Compositions, intruments, recording and mix - Patryk Zakrocki

Voice - Olga Mysłowska

Mastering - Michał Kupicz

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Only as a lack of personal hygiene can I understand my wallowing in this falt, in-variable life I lead, this dust of filth stuck on the surface of never changing. We should wash our destiny the way we wash our body, and change life the way we change clothes - not to preserve life, as when we eat and sleep, but out of objective self-respect, which is the essence of personal hygiene.

 Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

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