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Duchnowski / Bojanowicz - Devil`s Fiddle MK

Release Date: III 2021
Total Time: 72:30
CD | 16-page booklet | ekopack

Cezary Duchnowski
1. końcowa / she is final
2. drewniana / she is wooden
3. żelazna / she is iron
4. blada / she is pale
5. powietrzna / she is airy
6. kwarcowa / she is quartzy
7. włochata / she is hairy
Wy.. Magdalena Bojanowicz, Cezary Duchnowski

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A duet is probably the most involving performance formula that I do.

Probably because the dialogue gives unlimited possibilities of self-presentation, yet at the same time neutralises radical subjectivism and unitarian formula of artistic expression. It is a synthesis of rich, unlimited forms of sound expression, functioning in relation and constituting mutual reference points.

What is crucial in such a performance form is an extraordinary partner. Magdalena Bojanowicz is an artist, a cello virtuoso with unique features defining her open attitude. She finds herself perfectly well in both classical and contemporary repertoire.

For Magdalena, cello and electronics are rather incompatible worlds, perhaps occupying distant poles of her musical experience. For me - on the contrary: these are forms that can complement each other beautifully. Our meeting is an attempt to transcend the limits of human weakness, a peculiar pact with the devil, which gives powers that go beyond material reality and allows us to realise an integral, multidimensional musical being.

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