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Miłosz Pękala - Monopercussion 2

Release Date: XII 2021
Total Time: 39:36
CD | ecopack

1. Miłosz Pękala – Radio for vibraphone and tape
2. Igor C Siva – Your Trash
3. Sergio Krakowski – Eleven Hard Samba
4. Thymme Jones – Percussion II
5. Ben Zucker - Everyday is Fiction
6. Paweł Mykietyn - Raga 1

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Monopercussion 2 is the second expedition of Miłosz Pękala - a virtuoso of modern, jazz, experimental and avant pop percussion - into the world of idiophones and membranophones treated soloistically, though supported by twisted electronics, also the ones that are very hardly heard in philharmonic halls, such as the Brazilian pandeiro or the Indian tabla. After all, new rhythms are not to be found in classical composition textbooks. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the list of composers of Monopercussion 2 comprises masters of jazz, ethnic and rock percussion: Thymme Jones (American band Cheer-Accident) or Sergio Krakowski from Brazil, besides Paweł Mykietyn or Miłosz Pękala himself.

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