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Patryk Zakrocki - Martian Landscapes

Release Date: III 2013
Total Time: 27:02
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1. Martian Landscapes 27:00

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I have never been to Mars, but sometimes i drop by... pictures and films we have access to give us a false impression that we already know something. My Mars is still populated with images from our childhood linked with hundreds of films and science fiction novels. i sympathize with misinterpretation of the illusion caused by old telescopes, as if the surface of Mars was covered with a network of irrigation canals being a proof of high civilization. combination of curiosity and fear stemming from this mistake resulted in a huge number of unbelievable stories and untrue images which – instead of describing Mars – are rather a reflection of our human nooks and crannies.

(Patryk Zakrocki)

Martian Landscapes were recorded during three or four charming august nights at the common University in tere- miski, then completed and mixed in my home studio. i mainly used 'educational' instruments such as metallophones, 'almostmarimba', 'quasibongos', bells, maracas, etc. they were complemented with sounds of oscillators, moog filters and my own instruments which complemented electronic tones. it is also possible to hear chromatic tuning forks, a flexatone, glissando flutes, various whistles and crotales.

Patryk Zakrocki

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