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Hubert Zemler: Gostak & Doshes

Release Date: X 2014
Total Time: 39:06
CD | ecopack

1. Franciszek

2. Propolis

3. Variations on a theme by Suaves Figures – “Figure 7”

4. Dji

5. Variations on a theme by Suaves Figures – “Figure 2”

6. Gostak & Doshes

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It’s Hubert Zemler’s second solo album. In opposition to the fully improvised concert album Moped, this one is filled with pieces which are pre-composed to a much greater extent. The album also contains two compositions inspired by electronic music, particularly by works of the ensemble Suaves Figures (Piotr Kurek and Sylvia Monnier).

In these pieces, Hubert Zemler transcribed the electronically generated sounds to acoustic instruments, supported by an excellent percussionist Miłosz Pękała (Kwadrofonik, Mitch & Mitch, Hob Beats Percussion Group) playing the vibraphone.

The material was registered during night recording sessions in the basement of the Camaldolese church in the Bielany district of Warsaw – the place of amazing acoustics – with Sebastian Witkowski as a sound engineer.

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