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Mirt: Solitaire

Release Date: I 2015
Total Time: 33:39
CD | ecopack

1. Solitaire 01

2. Solitaire 02

3. Solitaire 03

4. Solitaire 04

5. Solitaire 05

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"If You play Mozart slower, it will sound like Beethoven"

(The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq, dir. Guillaume Nicloux)

The credit for making me aware of the above quote must go to Michał Mendyk. Actually I should just leave it at that as it perfectly illustrates my approach to music in general. I remember when I got my first grammophone (that was a very long time ago). Apart from the standard rotational speed it offered also two additional ones: 16 and 78 rpm. I was able to slow down any record I wanted to - and as a matter of fact I used this opportunity a lot. Out of curiosity. In hope that a bad record would sound interesting. In order to here more...

After some initial preparations which preceded the task of re-interpreting the works of Arne Nordheim I came to the conclusion that Solitaire had just enough material to fill the whole album. But it wasn't about simply slowing it down this time, rather I wanted to grasp the tiny details which appeared only for a short time and develop those fragments which for me have gained almost a meditative dimension.


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