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MUSIQUETTE A: Terry Riley - In C

Release Date: XI 2018
Total Time: 62:47
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Tomasz Duda – bass clarinet
Maja Kleszcz - głos, wiolonczela
Maciej Cierliński - lira korbowa
Wojtek Krzak – traditional violin
Marcin Masecki – upright piano
Marta Maślanka – hammered dulcimer
Miłosz Pękala - hammered dulcimer
Dagna Sadkowska - violin
Joanna Halszka Sokołowska - voice
Wojtek Traczyk – double bass
Mateusz Wachowiak – Polih thrre-row accordion
Michał Zaborski - viola
Piotr Zabrodzki – positive organ, celesta
Wacław Zimpel – alto clarinet
Hubert Zemler – ksylofon, kierownictwo artystyczne

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Today, In C resounds all around the world. We are aware of this fact, but as we were inspired by the African performance in Bamako (Africa Express) and the Indian performance in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Raga Massive), we wished to give Riley’s “cells” a local, Polish flavor. Thus, at the stage of the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio, the xylophone, clarinet and violin were accompanied by the cimbalom, hurdy-gurdy, and the Polish three-row accordion (which had been immensely popular in the Polish countryside, but was supplanted by cheaper accordions after World War II). Riley’s „sheet of paper” spun in the rhythm of mazurka, gained a folk drone and wept with the cimbalon. The positive organ introduced a sacred element, and the piano—the echoes of a bourgeois salon. We were not the first, but it was the first time In C was performed in such a line-up.

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