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GAMUT INC. Ex Machina

Release Date: I 2015
Total Time: 32:28

A1 untitled

B1 untitled

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This LP came about as part of the project Avant Avantgarde. During the two-year project we created three acoustic music machines with the help of instrument builder and tireless experimenter Gerhard Kern. The Carillon is a 16-note Glockenspiel, the Physharmonika a kind of automated accordion, and the BowJo is made up of three double-chorded monochords, which are triggered by electromagnets. All of the instruments play autonomously and acoustically, but are controlled by computer. The recordings on this LP were made exclusively with these machines.

Michał Libera

Our aim was not to create an orchestrion that replaces musicians, but rather to merge the digital with the analogue and create sounds that appear electronic by acoustic means. We have transferred the idea of open software, which can be used by musicians to build independent virtual machines, as is common in electronic music, to these self-playing machines. The differences between acoustic and electronic blur. ex machina documents the current state of the instruments within the course of their continuous development.

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