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Zygmunt Krauze: Folk Music

Release Date: I 2018
Total Time: 46:38
2CD | 16 page booklet | digipack

CD 1
1. Światówka sandomierszczanka
2. Aus aller Welt stammende
3. Automatophone
4. Folk Music
5. Światówka

CD 2
1. Światówka
2. Idyll
3. Soundscape
4. Aus aller Welt stammende (re-rooted)
5. Światówka

Ad Hoc Ensemble (1.3)
Music Workshop Ensemble (2.2, 2.3)
New Music Orchestra, dir. Szymon Bywalec (1.2)
Radical Polish Ensemble (2.4)
Stanisław Gąsowski - violin (1.1, 1.5, 2.1, 2.5)
WOSPRiTV, dir. Kazimierz Kord (1.4)

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In Poland, for the last two decades and particularly in recent years there has been a growing need for a reinterpretation of the peasant class and especially its culture. It is difficult, perhaps, to unambiguously ascribe Zygmunt Krauze's folkloristic output to intentional, notional harbingers of those re-evaluations, but it certainly became a powerful antithesis to the protectional "polishing" that peaked a quarter of a century earlier. In Krauze, an unconventional attitude is combined with an "immersion" (to use the composer's own word) in the sound environment, resulting in work that is fresh, original and - against the Polish background of its times - distinctive.

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