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Tomasz Sikorski - Twilight

Release Date: I 2018
Total Time: 65:19
CD | 16 page booklet | ekopack

1. Music in Twilight
2. Sonant
3. Hymnos
4. Euphony

Szábolcs Esztényi – piano
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, dir. Zsolt Nagy (1)

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To say that Sikorski’s music is thought-inspiring is not enough. What is more important, it forces us to feel, react, vibrate. And in the case of the repertoire presented in this album, it introduces us to the very essence of the piano. Sikorski’s understanding of the instrument and its possibilities was remarkable. His sounds pierce through us. Only the composer, who fully existed within this sphere of sound, could so convincingly deal with the consequences of the sound’s harmony and repetition, its crescendo and decrescendo, its silence. Tension in Sikorski’s music results from the possibility and willingness to both reveal and conceal emotions with a single stroke of the pen. Passion expressed, passion suppressed, beauty, intensity, solitude, richness of sound and shortage are its essence.

Darryl Rosenberg

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