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Bogusław Schaeffer - Dialogues

Release Date: II 2020
Total Time: 75:58
CD | 16-str. wkładka | ekopack

1. Dialogues pour deux pianos
2-19. Uneinigkeiten für zwei Klaviere (eins davon mikrotonal gestimmt)
20-29. aSa for clavichord solo
30. 4 H / 1 P : music for piano: four hands – one piano
31-37. Koncert na 2 fortepiany (Allegro, Blues 1, Scherzo, Tango, Variants, Blues 2, Finale)

Andrzej Karałow – piano (1-19, 30-37)

Maciej Piszek – piano (1-19, 30-37), clavichord (20-29)

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Schaeffer did not avoid situations in which the threat of revealing a lack of textural ingenuity would be greater than when composing for nine instruments, including two xylorimbas, two celestas, two harpsichords and two vibraphones. He also composed for two pianos, for piano four-hands, and even for a clavichord. This album invites you to listen to five such pieces presenting the composer’s strategy of attention to “texture in the service of form and expression,”but which are also free of “shortcuts.”

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