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Arsenije Jovanović LA PARATTA

Release Date: x 2020
Total Time: 60:13
CD | ekopack | leporello

1. Arsenije Jovanović – the White City
2. Ilinka Čolić Jovanović / Arsenije Jovanović – La Parata
3. Arsenije Jovanović – The Fear of the Birds

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...In this very specific moment I suddenly had the impression that all three of us were a unit - me, the sailor and the bird, who  ew down to us like he came straight from the universe. Everything around us was quiet. There was no wind, which was also the reason why we couldn´t sail. The only sound which broke through the silence was the regular chitter of the engine. We were like a small closed organism. We were forming our own universe, it was like all the connections to the rest of the world were broken. [...] This little creature was so tired, he was mute and sleeping all the time. [...] Maybe the sailor was right - maybe the little bird really tried to escape the war, away from the mountains where the shooting started, away from the bad energy of the people who were preparing for the war. This negative energy is enough for animals to know that something terrible is going to happen. And this feeling of the bird was a feeling a lot of us had, also me and the sailor. Thuis terrible fear...

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