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„Eastern Waves” at ULTIMA Festival in Oslo!

Data: 26.07.2014 22:07:13

On September 16, a concert of works by Maja Ratkje, Helge Sten and Kåre Kolberg - distinguished Norwegian composers variously related with the Polish Radio Experimental Studio - is taking place in Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo.

The aim of the project "Eastern Waves: Warszawa-Oslo" is recollection, phonographic documentation and reactivation of bonds between Polish and Norwegian electro-acoustic music, presentation of their individual character and unquestionable significance on the international scale. The project focuses around the achievements of three breakthrough artists, who started their collaboration in the Polish Radio Experimental Studio in the 1960’s and 1970’s: Arne Nordheim, Kåre Kolberg and Eugeniusz Rudnik.

„Eastern Waves” sheds light on the Studio’s legacy with commissioned works by renowned experimental music composers: Helge Sten and Maja S. K. Ratkje. Ratkje’s work In dialogue with Rudnik is inspired by the Polish electronic musical pioneer Eugeniusz Rudnik, who incidentally was Nordheim’s technician in Warsaw. In the live version, Ratkje plays with, and together with, Rudnik’s music. Helge Sten’s (‘Deathprod’) composition is based on recordings of two of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio’s other pioneers: Bohdan Mazurek and Tomasz Sikorski. The UTIMA's concert programme includes also classical work created by Kåre Kolberg in Warsaw - Anonymus.

More details on ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival site>>>

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