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Corneliu Dan Georgescu - Et vidi Caelum Novum

Release Date: IX 2012
Total Time: 57:03
CD | 10 page folded insert | ecopack

1. Horizontals [Symphony No 2] 21:50
National Radio Orchestra

2. In Perpetuum [String Quartet No 10] 17:42
Arcadia String Quartet

3. Et Vidi Caelum Novum [Skizze für ein Fresko 3] 17:30
Kammersymphonie Berlin & Ars Nova Ensemble Berlin, Peter Schwarz

co-released with Niklas Records

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'Composing as contemplation of a musical archetype' - this is the best recapitulation of what Georgescu says about his own music, pointing to Jung's archetypes of collective unconscious. What is most crucial and powerful in these works is not how originally the composer captures the musical material, plays with it and reshuffles it. One could even say that Georgescu does not compose and does not "arrange" sounds, but rather contemplates archetypical figures and turns towards basic components, pure elements.

Georgescu's approach is founded on the idea of the 'stopped time' picturing the 'eternal stillness'. In this sense, it juxtaposes the concept of both linear and circular (also connected with movement) time. This type of 'stillness' does not stem from negating movement of spheres and the world's never-ending bustle, but from looking at it from the perspective of eternity, where they are simply glimpses and short moments in the 'great resting wholeness'.

It's worth referring here to a famous Romanian common ground with the Orient and the specific relationship of this strange country with India or Tibet which by no means is only an extravagant intellectual figure. It is truly tangible, for instance if one treks across the Carpathians. Let us take two geographical names: Rishikesh and Maramuresh - which one is Indian and which is Romanian?...

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