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Musiquette. Improvisations on Górecki

Release Date: I 2018
Total Time: 52:10
CD | 16 page booklet | ekopack

Improvisations by Lambinet/Pałosz/ Sokołowski/Szuszkiewicz/Ziporyn
freely inspired by H.M. Górecki's "Musiquette IV" op. 28 and "Lerchenmusik" op. 53

1. Musiquette
2. Old Gold
3. Lark
4. Parliament

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We began with performing the original work, then we played a certain conceptual game. We imagined landing on a strange planet and trying to recreate "Lerchenmusik" without access to any notes and recordings. We attempted to answer the question about what was truly important for us in the piece. On the third day, we didn't think about the original score trying to recreate what we had performed 24h earlier. It became a sort of Chinese whispers.

Since the beginning, I detected great improvisational potential in Górecki's pieces, even though they are perfect and complete entities - and I see no contradiction here. Modern societies put great stock in defining roles and putting up clear borders. Throughout history, however, creative musicians all over the world have built on the work that came before them. They did this in a direct or veiled manner, with or without the knowledge or approval of the original creator. Standard classical interpretation itself can be seen as a manifestation or at least a remnant of prior practice. Let's look at the tropes of Perotinus, all the way through Liszt's elaborations, Stravinsky's "Pulcinella" or Berio's "Sinfonia".

Evan Ziporyn

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