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Witold Szalonek – Medusa

Release Date: II 2012
Total Time: 47:06
CD | 10 page folded insert | digipack

1. Poseidon and Medusa
for 2 piccolos, bass flute, alto flute and crotales 15:08

2. Medusa's Dream of Pegasus
for flute and bass flute 12:18

3. The Head of Medusa
for free flutes 19:40

Produkcja: Bôłt Records oraz Niklas Records (http://www.niklasrecords.com/)

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Sensuality of the sound, discipline of the form, epic scale and theatricality of performance - Witold Szalonek's music is multidimensional and still quite unknown. Highly valued by audiences and critics, it still hasn't gained a well-deserved place in the concert life. Its significance was by no means limited to the post-war history of Polish music and its spectacular stream: sonorism. Szalonek's interests were much more universal and had far-reaching consequences for the whole European music.

Szalonek's interest in the sound equaled affirmation of its entire physiology. The composer was famous for his knowledge of wind instruments and invention of so called multiphonics or "combined sounds". He found a method to split a single sound - through an appropriate grip and blast - to its harmonic elements, thanks to which it's possible to perform double, triple or even quadruple stopping on a melodic instrument. Szalonek systematically examined technical possibilities of instruments, discovered their sound potential and added several new sounds to the musical dictionary. Triptych about Medusa - a mythological creature with hair of living snakes - is almost illustrative music. The composition is a result of Piotr Lachman's request to compose music for one of Jolanta Lothe's theatrical spectacles. Szalonek never accomplished this task due to lack of time; instead, he devoted three separate pieces to this compelling subject.

Production: Bôłt Records and Niklas Records (http://www.niklasrecords.com/)

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