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New Music in Eastern Europe Polish Radio Experimental Studio Populista Extras Polish Oldschool Kikazaru Pleasures -... --- .-..- -


Michał Mendyk


Katarzyna Świętochowska
Michał Libera
Bolesław Błaszczyk

Sound engineers:

Ewa Guziołek-Tubelewicz
Robert Migas

Graphic designers:

Piotr Bukowski
Katarzyna Niklas

Bôłt Records was founded in 2008 as a medium for experimental music practices in Eastern Europe. We have been generating phonographic renaissance for long forgotten or never even discovered phenomena of the epoch of pioneer electroacoustic studios and radio art. We have been inspiring the recent expansions of these ideas in cooperation with artists of the younger generation. Our goal is to search for the common denominator for the unconventional achievements of 20th century avant-garde and the experimental explosion of our age.

New Music in Eastern Europe is our main series, comprised mostly of new compositions from countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Romania. We are especially interested in practitioners of new hybrid music – like Arturas Bumšteinas or Kasia Głowicka – who combine social and artistic tropes from the world of modern classical music with strategies espoused by counterculture. Our portfolio also includes overlooked 20th century classics such as Romanian composers Octavian Nemescu and Corneliu Dan Georgescu.

Polish Oldschool is a series aimed at redefining the phenomenon of the so-called Polish school of composition, which had a great influence on the musical world of the 1960s and 1970s. We want to bring back the works which corresponded with, or even preceded the New York experimental school, Anglo-Saxon minimalism and early sound art, without ignoring the famed achievements of sonorism. An unofficial patron of the series is Tomasz Sikorski.

Polish Radio Experimental Studio is our flagship series. It documents and revives the phenomenon of one of the world’s first radio studios devoted to creating electroacoustic music. Beside archival recordings of Eugeniusz Rudnik, Bohdan Mazurek, Arne Nordheim, Bogusław Schaeffer and Krzysztof Knittel, we also offer reinterpretations of their works, however avoiding the musical tautology of remixes. We commission brilliant contemporary artists to re-read graphical scores and translate the language of analog studio works to the modern vocabularies of instrumental, vocal and improvised music.

Populista is the result of our compulsive need to re-interpret the classics. Here, we shamelessly read too much into the works of such luminaries as Giuseppe Tartini, Luk Ferrari, John Coltrane, John and Ruby Lokmax, Miron Białoszewski and Marquis de Sade.

-... --- .-..- is our attempt at understanding the communicative dimension of verbal and extra-verbal sound phenomena, especially in our beloved medium of radio. The series is therefore dominated by artistic broadcasts, mostly commissioned by us, such as – to name a few – Fortepian Chopina (Chopin`s piano) by Masecki/Zrałek/Lenar, Tyto Alba by Libera/Küchen/Meinz, Msza (`High Mass`) by Joanna Halszka Sokołowska and ‘Osmędusze’ by Patryk Zakrocki.

Extras is a collection of the side-effects of our curatorial efforts which don’t fit in the geographical, historical, conceptual and stylistic frameworks of our other series.

Kikazaru Pleasures are records free from the intellectual pretenses and revisionist tendencies characterizing the majority of Bôłt Records`s catalog. At the same time it showcases our hidden weaknesses, shameful inconsistencies and nepotistic tendencies.

The publisher of Bôłt Records is Automatophone Foundation 4.99

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